On the Origin of This Blog

For as long as I can remember, the natural world has interested me.

And that was before I even fully realized just how incredibly fascinating it is.

Over the course of my BSc and MSc studies in biology, I learned.. well, a few things (some of which I even remember), but the single recurring theme was just how breathtakingly amazing nature is. The function of every molecule in a cell, the interconnectedness of all organisms in an ecosystem, the way in which every living being around us has been formed over the course of billions of years. If ever I feared that increased understanding would deprive nature of its beauty and mystery, I need not have done so. I have never been more in awe of it than I am now, nor have I ever loved it more.

By way of this blog, I hope I will be able to share even just a little of that.

I will frequently or with prolonged breaks, as work and inspiration allow be writing about my own research, about other interesting biological phenomena, and about science in general. Probably. Just like evolution does not have an end design in mind, this blog will no doubt be shaped by whatever strange events happen to occur over the next few years. All I currently know is that for the foreseeable future, I aim to be writing about things, and perhaps some person somewhere may happen to find them of some interest.

“None but those who have experienced them can conceive of the enticements of science. In other studies you go as far as others have gone before you, and there is nothing more to know; but in a scientific pursuit there is continual food for discovery and wonder.” — Mary Shelley